About Us

Quality control
Prior to a pallet entering stock it is thoroughly checked and graded by an experienced quality control manager to ensure the highest standards are maintained. High levels of stock are maintained throughout the year and careful attention is paid to customer trends to ensure that all orders are satisfied.

Pallet clearance
Robinsons offer the service of pallet clearance. All redundant pallets are removed and taken to one of Robinsons depots for grading. A credit is subsequently shown on your account.
All pallets entering our depots are checked, good pallets are placed into stock, broken or damaged pallets are repaired. Scrap pallets are sent to a local timber recycling depot which aids in the production of man made board products such as chipboard.

Pallet repair
All pallets that haven’t met our strict quality control criteria are repaired to the manufacturers original specification. Robinsons ensure all repairs are carried out using new grade 1 timber and steel ring-shanked nails. A trained and qualified pallet repairer carries out these repairs, always adhering to stringent safety procedures set in place and regulated by the management.

Each company has different requirements, which is why Robinsons offer a wide range of Grades, from this selection you are sure to pick a product which is not only cost effective but suitable for your particular needs.

Service and delivery
We are constantly searching for the opportunity to provide our growing number of valued customers with an even better service. Quality, efficiency and value for money is the key to our success and this formula is never compromised.
Robinsons prides itself on offering a full and professional service to each and every customer, whether they be a large multi-national or an independent company.


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